About Posh Me’Ke

Posh is the elegant style with an edge and Me’Ke is the chic, conservative, classic look. When combining the two worlds, Posh Me’Ke represents the panache of two sisters that represents grace, confidence, strength and liberation, which all women possess…

Morgen E. is a Baltimore native, fashion designer and business woman. Best known for her sense of style and eye for detail, she found her niche in the fashion industry in 2006 as a stylist. Always having a passion for fashion as far as she can remember, designing happened naturally for her. Developing the line Posh Me’Ke, Morgen E. wants women to channel their inner fashionista with a wide range of selective colors, prints and patterns the line has to offer. “Posh Me’Ke is for the bold and confident woman, the one that dares to be different.”

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