Frequency Waves V::V::V

Sometimes I take a moment to meditate and evaluate my journey for hidden messages. Life often speaks to us in many different ways. We must learn how to listen to life vibrations. Recently, I realized I had moments in my life in the increments of 5. I was born in May- the fifth month of the year; I remember turning 10 years old and experiencing body changes/intro to womanhood; when I was 15/16 - I started to [Read More..]


Posh Me’Ke celebrates it’s 5th year in business by launching our new slogan “Wake Up In the PM.” As we continue to make our dream a reality, we would like to place the importance in inspiring others to invest in themselves. The slogan represents the times in the middle of night were your wants and aspirations creates an energy within you. The evolving energy causes you to be restless. The force of energy never allows you to forget those ideas, [Read More..]

The perfect place to make History

The Ivy Hotel, a historic mansion and distinguish venue located in Mount Vernon in the heart of the City of Baltimore; its world class hospitality in combination with its gorgeous grounds set the tone for Morgen E.’s photoshoot debuting in her own garments. Morgen E. never thought as a designer she would jump into the position of a model. However, due to COVID-19 and quarantining, Morgen E. set goals to focus on her mental, physical, and spiritual health. After the loss of 50 pounds, Morgen slipped into her garments at The [Read More..]