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About Posh Me’Ke

Posh is the elegant style with an edge and Me’Ke is the chic, conservative, classic look. When combining the two worlds, Posh Me’Ke represents the panache of two sisters that represents grace, confidence, strength and liberation, which all women possess…

Morgen E. is a Baltimore native, Fashion Designer and Businesswoman. Best known for her sense of style and eye for detail, she started her fashion journey as a stylist. Early on, Morgen E. participated in several endeavors with friends. However, the most memorable experiences for Morgen E. was being a part of a high-end event company that participated in throwing events during All Star Weekend. This placed Morgen E. in the position to style herself and to be recognized based on her fit. Morgen E. has the ability to create a vibrant look with ordinary and/or one of a kind pieces. It was those one of a kind, rare statement garments that caught peoples’ attention; needless to say, this was the initiation into the world of high fashion. Her designer skills began to emerge as she attended courses at Sewfabulous Sewing School located in Pikesville, MD. Morgen E. took advantage of the pattern making and illustration courses offered. Additionally, Morgen E. obtained mentoring from Mr. Gary, an experienced tailor in Baltimore, MD. All three components fueled Morgen’s desire to be a fashion designer.

Morgen E. has maintained her employment as a full-time Parole and Probation Agent and assisted her father’s law office, while taking a risk in investing in herself by entering in the world of fashion. In 2015, Posh Me’Ke officially launched. She is supported by her family, but most importantly her father assisted her in making her dream a reality. Me’Ke stands for Morgen E and her sister, Kimberly E. Posh Me’Ke is a brand that focus on quality fabrics and incorporates two sisters’ personalities to achieve a wider range of consumers.

Morgen E. wants women to channel their inner fashionista. She introduces the “Backless Skirt,” a Posh Me’Ke signature statement piece. The “Backless Skirt” can be worn with signature blouse or worn as an accessory over a dress, jeans, leggings, etc. The “Backless Skirt” will make a simple ensemble not so simple.

Morgen E. admits that creating the Posh Me’Ke brand has been challenging, but yet very rewarding. This journey has allowed Morgen E., as Parole and Probation Agent, relate to her clients by sharing her obstacles and following her own advice that she shares daily with them. Advice such as to put their best foot forward, to never give up, and know that doors will open. She is grateful to have been able to make great strides in the fashion industry and will continue to do so while inspiring others to invest in themselves. Morgen E. prides herself on her strength and her drive to win. Strength, confidence, grace and liberation is encompass by the structure of the garments and the colorway presented in the Posh Me’Ke brand.

“Posh Me’Ke is for the bold and confident woman, the one that dares to be different.”
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