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August 26, 2019
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Harpers Bazaar China

​Two sisters behind Posh Me’Ke have created a line of edgy meets conservative to represent both of the sisters styles. The line is incredibly unique, with a blend of wearable high fashion that always incorporates an unexpected twist and can be worn in a multitude of ways.The edgier of the sisters, Morgan tells me one of their statement skirts came about when she was playing around with the design and created something that she tells me, “Looked like an apron” She laughs.  I asked her how she came up with the idea to create such unusual designs, and she replies, “I’m extra” and laughs her infectious laugh, “With the skirt, I had a piece with so many zippers and buttons, I took it to production and they said it would be so hard to make, so I re-did it. But I made it so that the foundation was multi-wear instead of just one piece.”


The backless skirt that can be worn over a pair of leggings or trousers, at the front looks like a skirt with two high slits, but turn around it creates that unexpected surprise that is synonymous with Posh Me’Ke’s knockout collection. Also in their collection is a top that can be worn frontwards or backwards. A combination of strong femininity, solid in color, confident in style and exudes a feeling of strength that also allows a show of self expression depending on how the Posh Me’Ke woman chooses to wear it. Edgy, powerful, and as Morgan says for,  “The women that dares to be different.”

Eurasian Vogue


Posh Me’Ke尖锐却又主张保守派的特色背后是两个想要同时体现两个人与众不同特点的姐妹拍档。这一系列非常的独特,融合了各路的时尚特色,还拥有着多种穿着方式和配搭。



有一条可以套在紧身或长裤外的无背裙,前面看着像有两边高开叉的长裙,但是转到身后一看,震惊级别等同于Posh Me’Ke整个系列的惊叹度。她们这一系列的一个亮点是衣服可前穿亦可后穿。强烈的女性气质、颜色浓度的把握、自信的风格、流露出的强势感,这一切的结合表现出了女性的自尊。尖锐、强大,如Morgan原话“敢于卓尔不群的女性。”


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