Sometimes I take a moment to meditate and evaluate my journey for hidden messages. Life often speaks to us in many different ways. We must learn how to listen to life vibrations. Recently, I realized I had moments in my life in the increments of 5. I was born in May- the fifth month of the year; I remember turning 10 years old and experiencing body changes/intro to womanhood; when I was 15/16 - I started to learn how to drive and I obtained my license (independence); at 20/21 - I officially became an adult; at 25/26 - I became a homeowner; at 30/31 - I became a business owner; at 36 - I am celebrating my 5th year as a business owner. The dynamic energy of number 5 is independent, versatile, rebellious, and have a daring nature. Number 5 attracts eccentric people who live life on their own terms. Posh Me’Ke is for the one who dares to be different. This is not a coincidence. Each “5” phase marked a pivotal moment in my life, it was a growth spurt that I couldn’t explained, but I felt. Each "5 " phase forced me to be a different Morgen E., it forced me to level up, and change my rhythm. In life we must constantly change our frequency waves in order to become our best self.

So you purchased a one way ticket (that's right)… no round trip ticket because the goal is to move forward. Only take a glimpse back at past trips to give appreciation to your journey and life lessons that made you who you are today.

Cheers to future endeavors!
Cheers to following your dreams!
Cheers to your best self!!