The Ivy Hotel, a historic mansion and distinguish venue located in Mount Vernon in the heart of the City of Baltimore; its world class hospitality in combination with its gorgeous grounds set the tone for Morgen E.’s photoshoot debuting in her own garments. Morgen E. never thought as a designer she would jump into the position of a model. However, due to COVID-19 and quarantining, Morgen E. set goals to focus on her mental, physical, and spiritual health. After the loss of 50 pounds, Morgen slipped into her garments at The Ivy Hotel this past October.

The location was sought out a year beforehand as the perfect place. Last year, Morgen E. enjoyed a delightful dinner with impeccable hospitality at the Magdelana Restaurant. During dinner, Morgen E. had a conversation with an unknown distinguished black man encouraging her to take a tour of the hotel and contact The Ivy’s event planner to discuss utilizing the hotel. His demeanor was very similar to her father. She did not know then she was speaking to Eddie Brown, one of the owners. The designer herself wanted to support greatness because she is committed to reaching greatness herself and in her brand.

After the photoshoot, she enjoyed the grounds along with the exquisite food, which could be viewed as exquisite art at the Magdelena Restaurant. At the end of the night, she enjoyed a night cap and conversation in her suite that was perfectly chosen by The Ivy Hotel staff. The beautiful environment felt like a home away from home.

Please enjoy video and if you have a chance while in Baltimore please enjoy my home away from home “The Ivy Hotel.”

I would like to give much thanks to everyone who made this photoshoot a success. Additionally, I would like thank The Ivy Hotel staff for their astounding service, attention to details, and accommodations.