Posh Me’Ke celebrates it’s 5th year in business by launching our new slogan “Wake Up In the PM.” As we continue to make our dream a reality, we would like to place the importance in inspiring others to invest in themselves. The slogan represents the times in the middle of night were your wants and aspirations creates an energy within you. The evolving energy causes you to be restless. The force of energy never allows you to forget those ideas, wants, and aspirations. Often times we ignore them and go through life just existing, conforming to the world as we know it. Living in a box, which we created for ourselves and provides comfort. That box has constraints that will not allow you to be who you really are, nor encourage you to go forth to conquer your ideas, wants, and/or aspirations…What is your life without your purpose? I challenge you to act, do something that you always wanted to do to feed your soul. Be free! The world awaits for your creativity! And one day your creativity will allow you to sleep well; you will be at peace knowing you have made a contribution to society and to the many others that come behind you.

Now, that’s "Wake Up In The PM." Wake Up with Purpose! Wake Up to Create! Wake Up to Inspire! Wake Up in Posh Me’Ke!

Ciao to next time.